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All passengers must provide valid identification at check-in at all Mavi Air departure points.

At Mavi Air, we digitally verify the names of all passengers, record the weight of passengers and determine the dimensions and weight of baggage to ensure they meet the operator's specifications and Turkish Civil Aviation Regulations.

Mavi Air boarding Agent will assist all passengers in arranging in specific seats within the helicopter based on weight and balance of the aircraft. Pilots make the final determinations based on the aforementioned assessments.

Guests weighing 120kg or above at check-in will be charged for an additional seat due to weight and balance reasons. The price of the additional seat is determined by the specific tour they are booked on. Applies to single-seat tours only. Not applicable to charters or private tours.

Weights for all guests are requested at the time of booking and their accuracy is essential to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests. To ensure safety, we weigh all our guests upon check-in and if we are unable to fly a guest due to an inaccurate weight at the time of booking, no refund will be given.

Only this way we can maintain accurate weight and balance on the aircraft, to ensure our guests have a safe and comfortable flight.

Please book at least 24 hours in advance to confirm tour availability. Departure times, flight duration, and route may vary due to weather and other uncontrollable events.

We can arrange almost any flight you can imagine as a special charter. Just contact us and let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to make it happen.

Flight times shown are approximate and may be adjusted based on weather and availability. Due to this reason, we cannot publish guaranteed departure times. In case of changes, we will contact you by email or telephone. If you would like to check availability and departure times before booking, please call us to reach our reservations team.

A flight will only be canceled due to weather if it is unsafe to fly. A professional team monitors the weather throughout, but the pilot flying your tour is the final authority who makes this decision. Because the weather can change quickly, our pilots are constantly checking the weather for safety and visibility issues, and the decision to cancel a flight due to weather is made just prior to departure. Pilots can fly in the rain, but not in poor visibility.

Our cancellation policy differentiates between our tours and flights. If you cancel your flight 48 hours before departure, there is a 100% refund. If you cancel your tour 72 hours before departure, there is a 100% refund. There is no refund for cancellations after these times.

You will have to arrive, at least 15 minutes before the departure at the take-off destination.

You can pay per credit card and apple pay.

Yes, if available you can also book the front seat next to the pilot.

If a chauffeur service is included in their booking, then passengers must be at the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the pickup time. After this time, the driver cannot wait, and passengers must make their own way to the starting point. We are not responsible for any delays of passengers at the pick-up point, traffic jams, or unexpected events that might delay the take-off or arrival of the helicopter.

The maximum number of passengers is 5.

Yes, if book a private tour a private tour. If the flight is shared and you you booked is not filled with at least two passengers 24hours before the departure, we will notify you by mail.

If you did not book a private tour a private charter flight, there is a possibility that you share the helicopter with other passengers.

There is no age restriction, but special requirements apply:
- Children under 2 must sit on an adult's lap (minimum 1 adult per infant)
- Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (minimum 1 adult per aircraft)
- For adults over 80 years old, we recommend consulting a doctor before booking.

We reserve the right to refuse to fly passengers who are obstinate, intoxicated, disruptive or otherwise unable to fly, at Mavi Air's sole discretion. Our Guest Experience Team is trained to make recommendations to pilots. Smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and vaping is prohibited on aircraft.

Due to weight restrictions, you are only allowed one standard piece of hand luggage (55 x 35 x 25 cm) and one personal item, which together must not weigh more than 5 kg. Your luggage will be checked for size and weight upon arrival at the departure point.

You can also bring personal items such as a laptop, tablet, handbag, magazines or a folder. Briefcases, backpacks, and shoulder bags must be stowed in the cargo hold of the aircraft. These items are also subject to the 5 kg weight limit, which includes the weight of all other stowed baggage.

Golf clubs are only allowed on charter flights.

Additional baggage is subject to feasibility and does not apply to online bookings.

For each flight, additional baggage will be charged at €20 per bag if it is acceptable for the helicopter.

The passenger undertakes to inform MaviAir at least 24 hours in advance of any information that requires special care (fragile luggage or luggage with dimensions outside the permitted norms, baby carriages, etc.) and to bear the additional costs incurred as a result.

For sports equipment, musical instruments or other unusual items, please contact our booking department.

Passengers must not include in their Baggage any object whose carriage is prohibited or restricted by the applicable regulations and the law in force, including in particular
Any object or substance which may constitute a danger to the aircraft, persons or property on board, such as:
Explosives, pressurized gases, oxidizing, radioactive or magnetized substances, flammable substances, toxic, infectious, or corrosive substances, radioactive materials (e.g., paints, light liquid, tear gas, oxygen cylinders, fireworks, and radiopharmaceuticals), firearms and ammunition, Sharp weapons, edged weapons, aerosols that can be used as attack or defense weapons.
Lithium-ion batteries with an energy of more than 160 Wh and/or containing more than 2 grams. Lithium and/or fuel cells/batteries integrated in an electronic device (computer, telephone, camera, etc.) or medical device (defibrillator, ventilation device, etc.) and spare cells/batteries should preferably be carried in the cabin.

We love pets just as much as you. Our priority is your safety, so we've outlined our pet policy below, designed with your safety, your pet's safety, and your comfort in mind.

Please be sure to alert Mavi Air Customer support when you are planning to fly with your pet, or if you have any animal allergies. Pets must be pre-approved Mavi Air Team. Mavi Air reserves the right to reject pets that are deemed too heavy, large, disruptive, or dangerous at its sole discretion. If your pet is a service animal, please contact us at customer support

Pets under 25 pounds can sit in a carrier on their owner's lap for a pet fee of Euro 95. For pets heavier than 25 pounds, the owner must purchase an additional seat. On Charter flights pet fly for free.

Pregnant women can fly, but we recommend consulting a doctor before booking. From week 28, traveling with a companion is recommended. If this is the case, ask him to sit next to you to help you during the trip. Mavi air recommends not taking helicopter trips when the gestation period exceeds 36 weeks and until after 7 days after delivery. It is also not recommended to travel if there is a risk of premature delivery or any other complication.

Passengers who are going to take a helicopter flight and who are currently being treated for any of the diseases described in the paragraph below, for guidance and non-limiting purposes, must notify the company's ground staff for its evaluation and, where appropriate, adoption of additional measures or appropriate recommendations. The peculiarities of this means of transport can make it incompatible with some types of ailments or force some precautionary measures.

In addition to said notification, they must provide a travel authorization certificate, issued by their physician or physician at the company's offices before issuing the ticket.

In the case of not being able to provide said document, and whenever required by the personnel in charge of the company, they must complete and deliver the signed tender document attached.

NOTE: The company always reserves the right of admission when it believes that the passenger is not fit for the flight.

By way of recommendation and for guidance, helicopter air transport is not recommended in the following clinical cases:

Passengers affected by serious cardiovascular diseases, such as severe heart failure or cases of coronary thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

Passengers who have undergone treatments that involve insufflation of gas, such as a pneumothorax, or air in the nervous system, as in the case of ventriculography, pneumomediastinum, pneumoperitoneum, etc.

Passengers affected by mental illness or nervous disorders that require the use of strong tranquilizers, travel without companion and require the application of special measures or passengers with otitis media with occlusion of the Eustachian tube.

Passengers with serious contagious or infectious diseases.

Passengers affected by severe contagious dermatological diseases.

Passengers who have recently had polio, unless a month has elapsed since the episode. Passengers at any stage of polio.

Passengers with large tumors in the thoracic cavity, severe hernia, intestinal occlusion, diseases that involve high endocranial pressure or skull fracture, as well as passengers with a fractured jaw with permanent ligaments.

Passengers who have undergone recent surgical interventions whose wound has not yet healed.

Pregnant women during the seven days before birth and mothers during the seven days after delivery.

Our staff can help you board the helicopter and safely stow your wheelchair during the flight.

You must be able to sit with bent legs in one of the helicopter's seats.

Please contact us at least 48 hours before departure.

We recommend passengers with heart problems to check with a doctor before booking.

Each helicopter is carefully disinfected before and after each flight. This also applies to the vehicles of the chauffeur service.

Masks are mandatory for pilots, passengers, and ground staff. In case passengers have forgotten them, masks are available at the point of departure.

We ask each passenger to be aware of the specifics of their departure country and the requirements of the authorities before flying.

It is strongly recommended to take a PCR test before departure.

If you want to take good pictures wear white clothes, to prevent additional reflection inside the helicopter. The temperature inside the helicopter is very similar to the temperature outside with only a difference from 1 to 2 degrees. Therefore, a jacket is not always needed.

Our helicopters are equipped with noise reduction technology. In addition, the helicopter is equipped with headphones for each passenger to further reduce noise, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable flight.

We recommend eating a light meal before the flight and avoiding alcohol.

MaviAir reserves the right to refuse any passenger who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Photography and filming are permitted on board.

Cell phones must be set to flight mode for the entire duration of the flight, including take-off and landing.

Selfie sticks are prohibited inside and outside the aircraft.

We strongly recommend that you focus on the staff's instructions when boarding and disembarking. If you would like to take a photo, please ask the staff.

Selfie sticks are prohibited inside and outside the aircraft.

Yes, you can ask questions to the pilot.

The headset is the main tool to communicate with the pilot if necessary.

Please note that the pilot is in constant communication, which may take precedence over questions.

You can use your phone in flight mode throughout the flight, including takeoff and landing.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside or within the entire landing or take-off area of the helicopter. We reserve the right to refuse to fly passengers who are obstinate, intoxicated, disruptive or otherwise unable to fly, at Mavi Air's sole discretion. Our Guest Experience Team is trained to make recommendations to pilots. Smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and vaping is prohibited on aircraft.

No type of beverage may be taken into the cabin.

Please always wait for the instructions of personnel.