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Land close to Pamukkale Travertines & Hierapolis Immerses yourself in two of Turkey’s most famous attractions to enter the UNESCO listed site and enjoy a guided visit of the cottoncolored Pamukkale travertines and the ancient city of Hierapolis. Unwind in the natural baths with views of the city’s ruins, then feast on lunch at a local restaurant.

  • Flight Time: 1 Hour 25 Min. / Tour time: 4 Hours
  • Licensed local Tour Guide
  • Traditional Lunch


Ephesus Helicopter Tour

Arriving at Ephesus via helicopter offers a thrilling and efficient way to explore the ancient city's historical and cultural significance, providing a breathtaking aerial view of the ruins and the surrounding landscape, creating an unforgettable experience.

  • Flight Time: 50 Min. / Tour time: 4 Hours
  • Licensed local Tour Guide
  • Aegean cuisine


Mavi Air Bodrum Cappadocia Helcopter Tour

Explore the stunning beauty of Turkey's Cappadocia region from a unique perspective with a helicopter tour from Bodrum! Our tour package includes a thrilling helicopter ride over the picturesque valleys and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, as well as a guided tour of the region's many historical and cultural sites.

  • Flight Time: 6 Hours / Tour Time: 4 Hours
  • Licensed local Tour Guide
  • Traditional Lunch


Hidden Village Bodrum Tour

Landing in this village followed by an introduction to authentic Anatolian village life. Experience weaving carpet by your hands and stroll in nature to the Local vineyard to enjoy locally harvested wines with local cheese platter.

  • Flight Time: 30 Minutes / Tour time: 3 Hours
  • 2-way transfer to the helipad, VIP Van
  • Welcome Drink
  • Licensed local Tour Guide
  • Wine tasting with local delicacies
  • Weaving technique introduction


Bafa Nature Park Tour

Take a breathtaking flight by Mt. Latmus and land close to Lake Bafa, where this unspoiled nature park offers amazing places to hike and seek out hidden treasures. The lake itself used to be a gulf of the Aegean Sea, it has now closed and forms a Salt Lake which benefits from lake fish and is hugely popular with migrating birds.

  • Flight Time: 45 Min. / Tour time: 3 Hours 30 Min.
  • 2-way transfer to the helipad
  • Welcome Drink
  • Licensed local Tour Guide
  • Aegean Cuisine and lake fish



Known for its amazing natural beauty, its quaint beaches, the cute town and the awe-inspiring ancient city of Kaunos. Protection of the utmost for baby turtles on this beach makes it an absolute delight to watch. Eggs are laid at night, giving limited access to the beach.

Dalyan is a town on the Dalyan River, just inland from Turkey's southwest coast. Across the river from town is the ancient ruined city of Kaunos, with Lycian rock tombs and the remains of a theater. Riverboats connect Dalyan with iztuzu Beach to the south, home to protected loggerhead turtle nesting grounds. To the northwest on the shore of lake Köyceğiz is the village of Sultaniye, known for its thermal mud baths.

  • Flight time: 1 Hour 30 Min. / Tour time: 4 Hours
  • 2-way transfer to the helipad
  • Welcome Drink
  • Licensed local Tour Guide
  • Admission Tickets
  • Traditional Lunch
  • Luxury Boat Tour

* In case of unforseen circumstances the helicopter model can change.